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I have no idea what you are

I have no idea what you are talking about. I tried to let you know that you will not be sued. But, our laws do say that you can't be involved with anything to do with elections or fundraising. Pretty simple and clear cut to be sure. Not sure why you don't get it or respect it. And, I don't appreciate the insults when I did not insult you. I simply pointed out facts that you choose to ignore which will put any candidate you choose to promote in jeopardy. I, for one, don't appreciate you doing that to any of our liberty candidates.

Seriously, you say you want liberty in America, but why do you continue to insist that you will promote candidates and throw moneybombs when its clearly illegal for you to do so and will jeopardize the campaign of our candidates? If someone is threatening to sue you over it, then it will be that candidate that pays the price, not you. We as Americans can't afford to take that risk. So, please respect our laws. If you want to participate, may I humbly suggest you get yourself a green card and move here. Then you'll have every legal right to participate in our election process.

Blessings )o(