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what's with the ass kissing?

You can say whatever you want about Jones and his style. Sure, he's aggressive and over the top on some days--but is it a requirement that somebody who speaks the truth 99% of the time be a nice, likeable guy?


Go back and look at film footage from when Alex Jones was just a "lone nut case" on Austin Public access TV. He said the same things back then and he does now. Has he gotten wealthy through this broadcasts? Sure. What the HELL is wrong with that? He's worked his ass off from a one-man-band with a Betamax to having the broadcast studio and equipment/staff he has now--and along the way he's woken up a hell of a lot of people. People who automatically shun Jones simply because they do not like him are just as ignorant and stupid as the people (I personally know) who were not woken up by Ron Paul because they simply didn't "like" him .... not enough charisma .... has a whiney old-man voice. Get over it. Alex Jones' style is what it is, but it does not take anything away from the truth you will find during his broadcasts, the websites, movies, and from the great guests that he has on. Period.