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Man, I look for no fight, I

Man, I look for no fight, I know it's easy to make assumptions about what a person looks like in a photo. I assure you, I do not intend to be a jerk to anyone, especially here. All in all we are looking for the same things, I think. If Ive come across as harsh, well I apologize. I am merely giving a seldom seen point of view. I know my profession has devolved in many ways, but I also know there are many who can hold their heads high and if you'd know them like I do, you'd understand. I have never worn riot gear and never needed to, only because of geographic location I suspect and I dont fancy myself wearing it. As for today, I was off but the last day I worked I did arrest a young man for stealing hundreds of dollars from his volunteer fire company's charity fund. I wrote no tickets but observed numerous violations. None of those violations were such that they were dangerous moving violations that could cause a crash or I would have stopped and had a talk with them. If they seemed to be understanding and remorseful, a warning would have possibly sufficed. I had a talk with a few children about not throwing rocks near the street, went to a suicide and generally had a lousy day, which is predictable. I also conciously have never been a bully. I dislike bullies but even they can be changed with kindness. That is something I know and youll have to take my word for it. Sounding like a jerk and being one are two different things. I apologize to you for sounding like one.