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awesome reply. i'm more of

awesome reply. i'm more of an austrian school of economics pot smoker, but i haven't smoked pot for over 18 months. i've been pretty, sadly sober, actually. i don't know why i've been sober...

i was hoping more that marijuana (& hemp) would be used as currency- as it could be under a truly free market system. i was against any taxation on marijuana if it became legal. And i'm against property tax as well, because a man is not free if he can't own his land without being taxed for it.

i guess you're trying to be a good cop, so i hope you have luck in waking up your fellow officers, or just tell them to keep shooting those roids up so they can bash in our heads. Have you ever asked them if there should be such a thing as property tax? Your fellow officers could have political sway in the community. A bunch of people would love to get rid of property tax if you could sell them on the idea of that.