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Your understanding of "rights" reminds me of the Flying

Spaghetti Monster -- equally imaginary.

Let me disagree with you in the simplest of ways:

1) When could blacks finally own guns?

2) When could blacks, indians, women finally vote?

3) When you say "no man can rightfully take away, unless you voluntarily forfeit it" were those rights guaranteed for blacks, indians, and women -- in 1790 or anytime between 1860?

Give dates when the above became "rights for all" -- a year.

For me the conversation about "rights" is fantasy -- it does not lead to liberty.

If we had a free-society it would be built on consumer-sovereignty (as Mises said) not on how many, if any, guns we owned.

You "can" protect yourself -- You "can" also suck at defending yourself. There are no guarantees.

Non-guarantee-ism is the whole basis of a free-society -- so why predicate a free-society conversations based on guarantees of "rights"

It's just all silly.

It's Founding Father Fluff
---Washing, Adams, and Jefferson ALL-TO-THE-ONE circumvented the Constitution (same as Lincoln just regarding less-than freedom to all type diplomacy).