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I here ya brother, sometimes

I here ya brother, sometimes it seems best not to be sober but then I d rather just face reality because it will smack soon enough. Its a wonder were not on that wonderful cough medicine my doctor gave me for my flu this week, lol. You hit the nail on the head though with the property tax idea. Thats always a good way to begin making in roads with another cop and that is exactly how the discussions begin. Its just a shame that people, including cops cant seem to get concerned about things. I guess they just think they have no power and they wont if they dont seek it out like you and others clearly do. Once I start talking about that, the questions start coming about many other things which all lead to the same logical conclusion, goverment in our current existence doesn't work for us, whether it be the R' or the D's. And by the way, I wouldn't work with someone who was clearly showing signs of steroid use and steroids or not, I have and will always stand in the way of another cop presnting himself in a disgraceful way. I also dont mean to totally disrespect marijuana smokers any more than I would a responsible drinker. I agree with decriminalization and would love for hemp to growing in our fields. Peace to you my friend.