Comment: Even if Piers agreed with 100% of this,

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Even if Piers agreed with 100% of this,

it wouldn't matter. He is beholden to certain interests and does not have the freedom to change his mind. He is already enslaved to the NWO. The hacking scandals and who knows what all they have on him, he is not at liberty to speak his mind. He at this moment does not have freedom of the speech that you and I enjoy.

Alex was engaging in a psych warfare technique to not play along with the premise that we're in a polite situation talking about "issues". Our very way of life is under the gun and this little tool was going to try to box him into his narrative. Alex was not going to give him an inch and truth carpet bombed the airwaves. Yeah, he came of as little crazy to those who don't know whats going on, but I think a lot of people may of liked it. These Elites can't handle ridcule and that's why Alex brought his big ice cream scoop to dish him out an extra serving.