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=~s/screw loose/I'm too lazy to read/;

This topic is also written about and podcasted quite a bit (Bad Quaker). Anarchist societies actually spring up all of the time when government go bankrupt so you dont have to worry about the feasibility of it. In those cases all of the "public" property becomes truly public and the regulations disappear so your right to egress/ingress which is a government given right.. not a natural right ceases to exist. Property rights get defended but they rarely include the airspace or tunnel space over/under ones land and since those options are real but expensive, the right to egress gets negotiated to be less than building tunnels or bridges over controversial properties. IN the end, all parties have an interest in their freedom of travel and cooperate to make a road. Governments didnt invent roads, they just found a way to convince you of it.

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