Comment: Alex Jones TOTALLY WON!

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Look how controversial all this is! LOOK at all the attention it's getting! This is all anyone will be talking about for a few days.

If he came out all mealy mouthed and let Piers walk all over him providing another lukewarm interview, everyone would yawn and move on. No one would look up this crazy guy who just Napalmed Piers Morgan. It's an instant youtube smash! Think of all the arguing that will go on over this. People will get this information whether they want to or not. And that will plant seeds that will grow in their minds a few weeks or months down the line during a quieter time when they have time to really ponder it.

Who cares if everyone likes him or not (some will love him just for this). He just did the BIGGEST INFO BOMB and it will take days to die down. Great job Alex!