Comment: I listen to Alex almost everyday

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I listen to Alex almost everyday

But I think he didn't present the truth in a normal manner. It made him look crazy on this rant. I have never questioned Alex before and have always backed him up on being a true patriot, but on this interview almost made him look nuts, and he is supposed to be presenting truth. Who will actually think he is sane? This may look worse for gun owners and say see they are all nuts or act like it? Hmmm I dunnno. The way he was acting was an embarassment to the freedom movement. He could have just presented the truth calmly. Then Morgan brings up 9/11 to make him look even battier, when he should have said, No I'm here to discuss gun rights. I dunno, I think he didn't do a good job on this interview. I told people to watch the show, and these people thought I was off because of the truth I have tried to tell them, and now they see Alex on a wild rant on TV. Now they may really think I'm nuts.