Comment: Aj will be fine id be willling to bet the farm on it.

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Aj will be fine id be willling to bet the farm on it.

imho he was insulting and made himeself look like a fool although admittedly he did make me giggle a few times and it did make for great television. i know a whole lot of people around here trust him and thats fine but i personally feel the guy is either a disinfo agent spreading just enough truth to make him seem legit or at best hes a sensationalist fear mongering narcisist looking for fame and fortune. if youre a fan of alex go to youtube and search "alex jones 42". alex jones didnt wake me up, our buddy dr. paul did that simply by helping me understand the monetary system, once you understand that the connection for all the other mischief in government becomes blatently obvious. screaming inside job, the big bad government man is coming for your guns, mocking and yelling at people making an idiot out of yourself on a nationally televised debate only hurt the movements credibility and personally think its a shame hes considered a part of it. alex in my opinion keeps people in fear of things they need not worry about to sell books, t shirts and dvds, he distracts and profits from it to boot. i wish people would research this guy a lot closer, too many sketchy things about this guy and his attitude to be trusted as a reliable source for info. i know many will disagree and thats all good but just like we all like to dig deeper in the subjects of all the false flag operations going on all around us, dig deeper on alex and youll find a whole new rabbit hole to keep you occupied.