Comment: Argue the Content not the Delivery

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Argue the Content not the Delivery

Alex made all the right points, and refused to address the bs drivel Piers was trying to dish. If people here can't back the substance of Alex's debate because of the style in which he delivered the absolute truth, well it's a sad day for the liberty movement. Wake up! There is no civil way to deal with the insanity of msm pundits and the current events that are beyond unacceptable and out-of-control. I agree that there are other ways to address the lame points that Piers puts out, but there is much to be praised about how Alex takes on the stupid discourse and injects prolific substance to the void that idiots like Piers create. We should be honoring Alex for his hard work that is more accurately describing the truth of our world compared to the timid neurotic wimps that complain about his efforts on this forum.