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i sold my tv. so yea.. i

" I hate Bill O'Reilly and Piers Morgan BECAUSE this is how they debate."
Well here's your options, cowboy.

1) railroad
2) be railroaded

The spin job is done on the floor. It's done second by second. morgan is a master at his craft. It just so happens someone finally came prepared and unwilling to accept what was coming.

It's not sinking, imo. If he had allowed morgan to control the topics and when the subjects would be changed the VERY BEST outcome is that nothing significant would get understood by viewers. You just can't do anything with a 15 minutes as a guest on one of these hit-pieces but dodge bullets. Nothing he said is allowed on the television. Period. Jones came out with all guns blazing and convinced me he may be half a man.

Turn people off? Sure.
Catch their attention? Bet your ass.
How many people just googled Op Gladio? You tell me.

Grab a beer. Stop worrying so god damn much.
You're not convincing anyone that doesn't already share your anxieties.