Comment: Who said they're free?

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Who said they're free?

Who said they're free?

"Your government delivered roads are funded by stolen money."

I'm happy to pay for roads to make sure the world never becomes an Anarchist utopia of toll collectors. It's about protecting peoples liberty. You're an Anarchist and like I've said many times, Anarchists are WORTHLESS to liberty, a DETRIMENT, because they've decided a world filled with goon squads and toll collectors serving the principle of self interest sounds like freedom.

"The gun at the toll is at least honest"

Yes, a very honest looter... I'd sooner kill him and go to war rounding up all the parasites and toll collectors. Do you imagine yourself as the man with the gun collecting tolls?

"you can choose to take non-toll roads"

The non-toll roads? ROFL. Why would there be any non-toll road anywhere? Where would they be, next to the toll road, or at the "free road salvation army"? I'd be surrounded by private property, land locked, and I'd have no business on another persons private property. I wouldn't even be able to WALK to the airport through private property.

"You do not have the right to freedom of movement if it means I'm forced to pay for it."

Sure I do, and you want to TAKE THAT RIGHT from me by destroying the American Republic and putting a toll collector on every road in my country, good luck... I'd sooner go to war and help round up all the Anarchists before I let that happen, so grab your gun tin soldier. You want to be an enemy of my country, so be it.