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And it's total bullshit,

And it's total bullshit, because I am a liberty activist! It's what I care about, it's what I do, every single day, all I work for! I never posted anything against guns or what Alex was saying, but you completely ignored my points and insinuated that I did! I hate people like you! Seriously, get a fucking life. Don't you have something better to do than trolling someone who seriously cares about liberty and wants the world to be a better place and recognizes the fucking REALITY that most people are not going to see this shit and think, "oh, yeah he's a total dick but every single thing he said is 100% accurate", NO! You idiot! They're going to think "Wow what a tool, this is what gun advocates are really like?" SO I know you're going to throw a baseless ad hominem attack at me because you disagree with my method, just remember down the road when they are taking our guns away that I TOLD YOU SO.

Freedom in our lifetime! -