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So you don't know the

So you don't know the difference between questioning and accusing? My point was that Alex went about this entirely the wrong way, but instead of taking it that way people are accusing me of being an anti-gun liberal who was paid to be here.

And it's total bullshit, because I am a liberty activist! It's what I care about, it's what I do, every single day, all I work for! I never posted anything against guns or what Alex was saying, but you people completely ignored my points and insinuated that I did! I hate people like you! Seriously, get a fucking life. Don't you have something better to do than trolling someone who seriously cares about liberty and wants the world to be a better place and recognizes the fucking REALITY that most people are not going to see this shit and think, "oh, yeah he's a total dick but every single thing he said is 100% accurate", NO! You idiot! They're going to think "Wow what a tool, this is what gun advocates are really like?" SO I know you're going to throw a baseless ad hominem attack at me because you disagree with my method, just remember down the road when they are taking our guns away that I TOLD YOU SO.

Freedom in our lifetime! -