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Yes I am a gun owner, I

Yes I am a gun owner, I already answered when you accused me of that before. You have absolutely no basis with which to make that accusation, so stop it.

One minute you defend Alex's demeanor and throw insults at me left and right, then you are bitching me out for being animated? You have no consistency whatsoever. Every single post you have made has simply been a rude, baseless attack on my personal character. There has been absolutely no reason for any of it. That's why I accuse you of ad-hominem attacks. If you look up what an ad-hominem attack actually is, there's nothing hypocritical or unfounded about it.

And for you to talk about diversionary tactics is pure absurdity. There has literally been not one single valid point made in ANY of your posts. And literally NOT ONE OF THEM has gone without insulting me personally, and the insult never had anything to do with something I actually said, it was just random and rude.