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reading comments here

look alex was right--- as far as facts

bt i see our biggest mission is to enlighten and educate more people to the reality of gov't and why our pholsophy is the right path

now---if you really think that jones performance is gonna change poeople's mind,,, i have a bridge to sell you

if my grandma watched this----what would she think of his message???

yes,,, the sheep need to be awakened ,,, but i'm sorry this ain't gonna work

lets look at history
MLK,,, rosa parks, founding fathers,,, dr paul,,, ghandi,,, i could go on and on

none of them screamed, almost foaming at the mouth,,,, challenging to a fight,,,, to get their point across

many wanna claim shock and awe is needed,,,, but take a poll of everyday people watching this,,,,
i bet 70% would say he seems crazy