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man,,, is alex jones posting on here

he has some rabid loyalists,,, as rabid as he was tonite

seems thoughtful discussion,,, or disagreement of the path to get where we all wanna go is getting vicious

it seems many ,,, myself included at times,,, talk down to other, feeling empowered,,, or from a position of authority or better than,,,, that we've gained more knowledge,,, know more,,, have it figured out,,,, how dumb that you don't see it as i do,,,, you fool
i hate that aspect,, guess it's human nature

being right is most important---- not the fact we need to teach, enlighten others to maybe see it, look from another view
ramming it down people's throat ain't gonna work

it sucks when you gotta defend yourself against people on your side

we are a minority,, like it or not---- we need to add numbers big time and i agree this ain't the way

every time he does have a valid point this video will be trotted out and will help discredit his message which may be 100%truth