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i'm just somewhat mad we all fell for it

i bet cnn's ratings will get a good bump for the night

they got us,,, as this to will be spread around getting them more press
piers will get press for this

i never liked larry king,,,, but in hindsight to piers

my god ,,, larry was godlike in compared to what the show has become,,,, thoughtful debate with no real agenda,,, no direction where interviews would go
larry letting guests speak their minds
and larry had the---"at odds views" on at the same time to debate
think dr paul vs stephen baldwin
think suzanne somers vs conventional cancer docs

piers does it seperately,,,,so a guest can't defend themselves,,,, their statements twisted into something else entirely---- of course this is again by design to fit an agenda

look at dershowitz twisting jones words to fit his narrative with no defense

what was alex's biggest motivation tonite----- saving the 2nd amendment or getting press to hype himself , infowars and his media empire

i really can't answer that,,, maybe both,,, but the latter seems the obvious choice
why go on a rigged, agenda driven, ratings loser show if you know it's a set up
what would be the motive for that???