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doesn't it bother you when

doesn't it bother you when you sit at home feeling like you could of done a btter job making the point than these supposed spokesman,,,, who are paid,,,,, when your just an unpaid liberty lover who pays attention

i constantly scream facts and counter arguments at the tv,,,, thinking why the hell don't they say-------
or respond with a question back to the accuser putting them on the defensive

i wish a guest---pro gun would brings pics of assorted weapons on and ask these accusers to point out the assault ,,,,full auto vs semi etc

and they would look like fools so quick

i bet my blood pressure went thru the roof during the repub, debates,,,, as idiot santorum would rattle off just lies so easy to refute

like now----hagels bad because he refused to sign sanctions---- i wish someone would confront those saying that with----you do realize sanctions are an act of war right??? do you think sanctions hurt the rich or powerful or the poor who can't afford food, to flee, to provide basics for family etc

with hagel and israel allegiance----hey does hagel stand shoulder to shoulder with Kyrgyzstan,,, anartica,,,,, oh why is that not important,,,, hmmm