Comment: Mark my words, AJ just catapulted the movement

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Mark my words, AJ just catapulted the movement

Put aside any prejudice (pro or anti) and look at the facts.

Americans love, LOVE, L-O-V-E pure over-the-top entertainment. I give you exhibit A: Honey Boo Boo. Need I say more? And this interview whetted Americans insatiable appetite for sensationalism and they'll be tuning in to learn and see more of the "crazy guy".

And if you're now thinking that's a bad thing, that AJ is a crazy conspiracy kook that gives the liberty movement a bad name, than I think you're missing something very important. That is...

Americans would be hearing this stuff for the FIRST TIME!

Give them the same credit and respect you expect for yourself, to discriminate and choose for themselves what to believe. Just because you don't like 100% of what someone says or how they say it is no reason to deny others from hearing what you had the privilege of hearing for yourself.

You can't deny the liberty message does exist in Alex's body of work and Ron Paul's interviews with him prove it, even though it may come with other stuff you don't like. So what, BIG DEAL! And as far as the messenger goes, is that more important than the message itself?


Therefore, in my opinion Alex Jones did a great job and the only way it could've been better is if he'd sat there wearing a Lady Gaga outfit.

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