Comment: I am willing to compromise

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I am willing to compromise

I thought I made it clear that I was anti-nuke. I have beat my head against that brick wall for decades, if people INSIST on having nuclear energy, lets at least go to thorium.
And you think we can make safety standards high enough to overcome earthquakes? And here is the thing, Fukushima did not cause all the thyroid disease around here, that was Hanford. It never had an accident.
And you make my point, we knew about this in the 50's and still opted for the more dangerous method, so we could make Hiroshima and Nagasaki happen.
But if everyone is ready to get off the power teat and do some back yard wind and solar, I think that is a great idea. Shall I start that thread? How fast do you think it will be full of people telling me all the reasons it won't work, and how we have to have nuclear?

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