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Comment: LOL! Who put the text boxes at the start of this video?

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LOL! Who put the text boxes at the start of this video?

"Prey for us" - I hope that is not a Freudian slip... OK, I'll try to watch it again.

OK, so they were out VIDEOING, and when they saw the "thugs" AJ told the camera man "Lets get out of here" - without even taking one frame of the thugs? All these encounters, and no video? That is just not like AJ, he ALWAYS has a camera pointed at him. As evidenced by the way he pointed it at his cameraman for a moment, and when the cameraman failed to look distressed enough, or say what AJ wanted...? I don't know, but he turned the camera back to himself in a most skippy fashion.

"I've got cops out of central casting..." LOL! OK, that might have been a poor choice of words right now...

OK almost through it, and here is the thing... Where was this calm, pleading tone when he was before America? He says he can't "be nice" because he "knows they are thugs." Well, he knew he was going to dance with the devil. If his goal was to win support for the second amendment, he needed to calmly make his appeal to the viewers, like he does so well in this video. And honestly, if I was making a video to my friends saying I was in fear for my life, THAT would be the one where I was hysterical. But I am not AJ.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.