Comment: Update: You're a loser

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Update: You're a loser

How "committed" are you really to liberty, if a few insults from people on a forum convince you to possibly give up on liberty?

You're being silly. Everyone provides their own approach to the gun control debate. Alex Jones gives the urgent, passionate approach, and leaves Morgan stumbling and speechless. Larry Pratt provides the calm and rational approach, and Piers Morgan calls him an "unbelievably stupid man."

Morgan is a sleezeball who probably would have trampled over Alex if Alex hadn't done the trampling.

If you don't like other liberty-lovers using their first amendment to insult you, then please, go start your own forums if you're so "committed" to liberty. You'd probably never do TOO much for liberty, and that probably includes flying to New York and risking your life by confronting the mainstream media and the military industrial complex.

Whiny children...

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