Comment: Did not watch the debate.

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Did not watch the debate.

Can somebody point me to the post(s) (out of 802) that discusses the message instead of the messenger?

I remember people calling out Dr. Paul for being too passive in the debates, even though what he was saying was the TRUTH.

So was the information Jones providing true or false, or is it just more important to discuss how the information was provided?

Any gun owners or pro gun people here change their minds after listening to Jones? Didn't think so.

Like Paul, Jones is after one soul at a time. Even if just one percent of anti gun people changed their views after listening to Jones, then the debate was a success.

Let's look at a hypothetical debate between Jones and Obama.

Obama in all his grand oratory slickness, takes the podium and recites the alphabet, missing two letters completely and positioning three more improperly.

Jones takes the mike in his obnoxious style and yells the alphabet, correctly.

After debate poll: Obama 63%, Jones 32% Undecided 5%

This is America today, style over substance.

Truth is treason in the empire of lies, but the messenger must be shot.