Comment: kind of silly, all these people complaining about AJ's delivery.

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kind of silly, all these people complaining about AJ's delivery.

We've tried the calm, lets be respectful way. MANY times!! It doesn't work with everyone. I can't tell you how many times talking to democrats ( i don't call statist dems liberals anymore, thx to Hayek Road to Serfdom) or neocons in a calm and respectful way with zero results. They filter all the facts you may present and just hear, "oh you are an isolationist" or "you want poor people to die". That way just doesn't work with everyone. No way will. They will probably go to their graves being statists. Can't tell you how many times I would get an attitude from these people for nothing more then having a difference of opinion. Didn't matter how respectful I was being. Can't tell you have many times I've been called kook, conspiracy theorist, or idiot because I supported Ron Paul. I've even been called a terrorist because I supported Ron Paul. What's left of our civil liberties hangs by a thread and people want to only play nice and talk respectful. What kind of backwards thinking is this, lets be nice to the people that are advocating for the removal of our rights, livelihoods of not just us but more importantly our kids. Just makes no sense to limit our tactics. Playing nice doesn't always work. Example watch doug wead's experience on his last interview with Geraldo during the last campaign. Right out the gate Geraldo was cracking jokes about how convenient his last name Wead was for the RP campaign. Just straight up being an A hole. Did Doug win him over? HELL NO. Geraoldo has pretty much gone full statist and is currently advocating for gun control. We are not catching nearly enough bees with honey. Don't get me wrong, we need the Doug Weads but we also need the AJs. We need to hit as many nerves and senses as we can. Some people need to be shook hard before they can wake up. Not everyone wakes up to soft sun beams coming up over the horizon.