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what if....

people could stop fearing eternal damnation for seeking their own connection to divinity?
vince - I urge you to go here:
It will cost you time, that is all. What you gain will be invaluable.
Religion was the FIRST mass mind control experiment, and maybe the best one they ever devised. When every religion can say "There is only one God" and then get everyone to fight over the NAME of an entity which is clearly beyond comprehension, and therefore pointless to attempt to name... But while they were innocent children and biologically incapable of questioning what they were taught, they were taught to fear God. To me, it is like having my neighbor point a gun at my kid and tell them that I am a horrible person and if they do not agree they will be shot, and then having my child ignore everything I ever did and believe the neighbor. I can understand why they believe the neighbor, they think their life depends upon it. But I would stand there wondering if they would ever bother to look up and notice that all I did was cook and clean and love them...
Anyway, I know you are busy, but I know you are trying to reach people. This course will give you very good tools in your efforts.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.