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The media ALREADY dismisses everything we say

or was the last election not a big enough wake up call for you. You think if Alex had given a calm interview where Piers walked all over him without being confronted that the liberals would sit up and take notice of us? NO WAY! They're hell bent on taking away the 2nd amendment and are not looking for your advice. They needed a slap in the face telling them: "You will not get our guns! You will Not get our 2nd amendment. You can just back the hell up! Try to take our guns and face our fury! And if you don't like it, Go home you lousy Red Coat!"

Alex Jones is not Ron Paul. They are not joined at the hip! Alex has his place in the liberty movement and Ron Paul has his. We need ALL KINDS to fight this war. Paul will reach some while Alex will reach others.

Alex was a warrior out there last night and we need a warrior to get gun owners and neocons riled up to help fight this.