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I mark them all day and watch them with my husband when he gets home, unless it is "breaking news" type stuff.
The site is very interesting, I disagree about "lying" though. I find lying to be a natural survival mechanism. A possum "plays dead." Even animals "lie." It is "bearing false witness" that harms an innocent person, THAT is a crime, or sin, or whatever you want to call it. Lying to CYA is just what people do, and if there is a price to be paid, karma takes care of it. Just my opinion on that.
Anyway, the point of the course would be to learn about hypnosis. If you already understand how they are manipulating the minds of the masses, skip it. But they will teach you what they do, and then you can use what they do to your advantage. If you have never taken a hypnosis course, I doubt you grasp the implications of what they have to say. Most people think it is about comedy clubs and quacking like a duck, and that is a ruse. They will try to present this as all very simple and clinical, but an "awake" person taking this course will also see what they are trying to gloss over.

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