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Ugghhh. Alex Jones did an amazing job of looking like a loony nut crazed wacko. What I can't understand is why this has so many upvotes? Daily Paul used to be filled with reasonable people that would get our points across in a civilized manner. You let your facts speak - not the loudness of your voice. This was pure Bill O'reilly by Mr Jones, only about 5 times worse....O'reilly is tough to beat in that department but Mr. Jones did a fantastic job.

It's such a shame too because Alex is a warehouse of stats and information. If he could calm himself down and get the points across in a sane persons fashion it might actually convince people...instead he looked like a complete loon and i have no doubt turned many people away from these ideas.

This type of crap doesn't help us people - even if he's right about what he's talking about. It's not just about being right - it's about influencing people...bringing people into the movement through collected and influential's about showing we aren't nutcases on national TV and we have control over our emotions. When have you ever seen Dr. Paul act like this? Never.

I agree with Jones....but holy crap - this destroyed us....the less Mr. Jones gets on national TV from now on the better our ideas will be able to spread and influence people....unless he makes major modifications to his delivery.