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I don't think so...

There are many ways people protect our rights for our rights are enjoyed by many cultures within America. AJ came on with a frontal attack knowing full well there was not going to be any "debate". How can two have a debate when one is assign to be the moderator? Right, there is no way. He came on with his own cheat sheet of issues he wanted to get out to the audience.

This video should feed the enthusiasm of any who have a "heart for America" and not just an "existence in America". Our rights are taken for granted by many who do not even think about their environment possibly without them. Those with a heart for America do think about that very thing. Those with a heart against America long for that time for us to be denied our rights.

Many see sports as an example of displaying many levels in our culture. You see some being fan addicts with their costumes or stunts they perform in the stands, etc. Others are more reserved but still have heart for the game all the same, they all love the sport, I'm currently thinking of football.

I think of AJ in this video as an enthusiastic supporter of my rights, he's is not crazy like some can and do become, he is enthusiastically espousing his fears of this right being taken away. His ideas are supported by history and thus he wants to get the message out right under the opponents noses.

As the frog slowly warms up on the boiling pot, put a new frog in while it IS hot and he'll be jumping while the other sits there acclimated to the graduated temps. I can see AJ as that second frog alerting the water is getting real HOT!

So, let the debates continues who ever it may be participating. Remember to focus on the ideas and words and not the emotion of those participating. We're all emotional beings and when the topic is so dear to us, it will be hard not to be that fan addict in times of battle. IT is a battle just as much as in the field of bullets and bombs.

How ever the battle gets won, let there be one thing always in our hearts, Christ is our King there shall be no other. A cause which is apart from Him the battle is not worth fighting.

Fan addict for Christ.

Have a blessed day.

The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
And those who have not heard shall understand.