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Comment: Roads are an issue but they are by far not my biggest worry

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Roads are an issue but they are by far not my biggest worry

I'm not too upset over the way the current road system works because it was called upon by the Constitution in many ways.. it's a mind of hybrid.. a little social and a little free market. We aren't made to pay the tax directly but if we want to get somewhere, we have few other choices. Sure as I pointed out earlier, we could make our own fuel but how long before that catches on and big gov puts a stop to that through taxes and regulations.

The solution to the majority, of our problems, is to get government out of it, but we must understand how, to a safe degree. This needs to be done before we jump head first. Especially on the subject of roads. They aren't as simple as selling shoes, opening schools and the million other things that free markets provide brilliantly.

Oh and yes.. I've tried to get people to see that I don't disagree but for various reasons, they either refused to or couldn't see it.

Nothing wrong with bringing problems you see to the forefront,as long as they're rational. One needs to see the problems to fix them.

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