Comment: How are gas taxes forceful?

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How are gas taxes forceful?

Income taxes are forceful. You have a choice not to buy gas and not to drive. If you want to use the roads, than pay your way at the pump. If not, don't. I see nothing forceful in this. Even property taxes are forceful because even though you may choose not to own a home, you must rent at least. Renters indirectly pay property tax. And the worse part is that most of the money goes to schools. You may not have children and you may understand that they are more about indoctrination than education. So these taxes are immoral to me. I think the gas tax/road system works just fine. If there is only one toll road that goes to where you are going than you are right. There would be no competition so the operator would have a monopoly. Toll roads can sometimes work but I do not think it is the best idea.