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Something to consider

"Most patriots are focusing all their efforts on protecting, defending, and restoring the 1787/1789 Constitution for the united States of America (as compared to the 1871 U.S. [Inc.] Constitution, for the District of Columbia), but few if any realize what a fruitless exercise that is, especially when they are labouring under the false belief that these or any man-made Constitution keeps, or is even based on, God's Laws. Most people are unaware that the constitution was given to them by the people of the New World Order in order to distract, deflect, and keep them away from God's Law. The Hidden Hand never could have set up the New World Order if God's Law was in force, so they had to put in the Constitution. They've written all these nice speeches*, that sound very noble, but the whole thing is to keep people away from God's Laws. If people had kept God's Laws, then there would be no New World Order; there would have been no Ruby Ridge, no Waco, no Sand Point, Idaho - all of these things (and the very real prospect of more of the same in the future), none of these things would have happened."

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain