Comment: Most of us are aware

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Most of us are aware

the main stream media's job is to lie and propagandize. Recently I have come to the belief, people aren't as willing to believe the lies they have been told by the media but the media is still doing its best to convince us otherwise. I am not as quick to blame the people for being naive and ignorant, as I talk to more and more people and find they are more awake than we are being led to believe. I really think there are a lot more people awake than the powers that be want us to know about. People are realizing the media is trying to form the people's opinion but it is no longer working as people can look around for themselves and see the lies.

Larry Pratt did a good job with his demeanor and Alex Jones did a good job expressing a different demeanor. As long as the word gets out there and people are more or less forced to pay attention to the issues and begin talking about them, it's all good.

If we learned anything from the last primary, it was Ron Paul was far more popular than the media wanted the people to believe, it is the same with everything on the PTB's agenda. We need to give people more credit when we know a lying media is telling us what the people think. Whether it is Larry Pratt or Alex Jones speaking out, just keep getting the word out. As someone else commented, sometimes it takes an Alex Jones personality to get people interested or to snap them out of their daze.