Comment: yeah, man!!!!!

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yeah, man!!!!!

Damn straight!!!!!

If you want to get elected to public office in America, if you want to make an impact from within our national legislature or state houses, if you want to curb or reverse the direction our Executive Branch has been taking us, and even win over the hearts and minds of our judges from the Supreme Court on down, or, take over the chairmanship of a local, state, or national Republican Party as a real fiscal hawk for our posterity's sake....then...go PUBLIC and say "I stand with Alex Jones and his performance last night....he speaks for me..he is what I wish I was....SUPPORT ME and what we all believe and stand for!!!!! ..... Thank You, America!!!!"

Seriously, When will this Alex Jones 2013 troll-fest end???

You guys are DESTROYING what Ron Paul stood for; and ignoring his instructions..."to add virtue and excellence" in our free're all fighting a ghost..there is NO IMMINENT THREAT....this nation needs it's moral foundations restored, and it will not be achieved through praising media clowns like this, nor wasting time mocking other media whores who are ALL in it for themselves and the $$$$$$$$

Seriously....this is NOT how any of us should behave at the next CPAC....nor would a Rand Paul want you on his campaign staff if you think Alex Jones is some sort of patriotic leader....he just TAINTED our movement beyond repair, and a great many better wake up to that real quick....namely the young, stupid, and unchurched!!!

There is a PROFESSIONALISM and proper demeanor associated with Ron Paul, and it made him DANGEROUS....this is NOT how we conduct ourselves!!!! Stay far away from me if you think Alex Jones is an ASSET after this stunt and this vaudeville aftermath....we're a laughing stock now...