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I started this one and simply

I started Bull By the Horns and simply couldnt get more than halfway through it.

It alternated between being mindnumbingly boring, where she recounts the exact times and dates of emails and meetings and what deal regarding what bank was discussed in what government office with what other agency present and what agency excluded

and being incredibly frustruating, where she tried to add in her opinions on macro economics, which she gets wrong on almost every count, other than the times where she calls Tim Geitner out. (I'm sure this will surprise nobody, but she essentially calls for more regulation and claims that the FDIC is, on balance a good institution. It's the "other guys" that cause the problems... yea, right.)

I ended up dropping this one to finish Hans Hermann Hoppe's "The Great Fiction" as well as H.L. Mencken's "Notes on Democracy". Both are fantastic but only recommended for people who can read/consider anti-constitutional pro-anarchy thinking without hitting cognative dissonance.

Currently working through the complete Aristotle with my facebook based study group (lemme know if you want in. We're only up to the second book in Organon).

Also thinking about starting another book (I tend to read a few at a time) but not sure what. Maybe a book on NLP, Market for Liberty, or Larken Rose's The Most Dangerous Superstition.