Comment: The knee jerk anti-semitism

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The knee jerk anti-semitism

The knee jerk anti-semitism is worse for liberty than alex jones.

If it's just to blame all Jews for what their government does, then boy are we Americans in trouble. The world does it to us. It's wrong. It's wrong for us to do others. We are not our government.

I have problems with Rand for Iranian sanctions etc, but not for him putting on the trappings of a religious institution he is visiting as a gesture of respect.

The inimical powers in the world are not a race or ethnic group. It's is the false economic and political ideologies of collectivism and keynesianism and the tiny group of people that knowingly benefit from them.

To belabor the obvious: Racism is collectivism. As Ron Paul has pointed out himself multiple times.

Why so collectivist?