Comment: Ok..besides that he does everything he claims is cointelpro

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Ok..besides that he does everything he claims is cointelpro

This post is intended to INFORM not divide the liberty movement:

bill cooper on alex jones:

Alex Jones exposed part 1:

Knights Malta?:

Alex Fields Fake phonecall asking about Bill Cooper:

Weird dude who has some good info:

Alex Jones vs. Bill Cooper 9/11/01



Alex Jones is meant to divide the liberty movement because people like you call me some sort of divisve person for saying my opinion. You can like Alex Jones, and I can dislike him that is not the problem. The problem is I am then called a cointelpro agent, a schill, or a troll, (not by you - thanks btw) instead of just someone searching for the truth just like you.

Research the Sheen name and its connections to the Knights Malta.

Alex Jones is a textbook disinfo agent, to think otherwise is wishful thinking. Im sorry but it is true.

Ideas not people are what make this movement, I hope you watch these video, and maybe take AJ with a grain of salt.

Look the dude woke me up - that is the truth - but that does not mean I don't hold him to the same degree of scrutiny that I hold others.

"The radical of one century is the conservative of the next. The radical invents the views. When he has worn them out, the conservative adopts them." - Mark Twain