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Comment: he said he would cut all foreign aid, when people flamed him

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he said he would cut all foreign aid, when people flamed him

saying he is pro-Israel.. he is visiting israel then people say what the fuck are you turning on us then it turns out he is meeting Palestinians and Jordanians as well people of both sides of the conflict but the fucks on DP just conveniently forgot to mention it.. he then traveled to israel and told israelis on his first day there to their face that he plans to cut all foreign aid.. people then say he is bad because he didn't say to start first with israel.. see a pattern here? that's why i wonder if you all came from middle east or something. it seems as if neutrality isn't enough for you, america must go from voting for israel to voting in favor of wherever the hell you originally came from. why the hell are people like fishyculture even here jacking up thread space because she got infinite time on her hands in political down-season, post-election where everybody else with a job is too occupied to start useful threads. what few women we get, this is the quality we have. great.

i shouldn't even waste my time.. if a few nobody were enough to discourage rand, he wouldn't be doing what he's doing