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Comment: I loved my trip to Boston

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I loved my trip to Boston

Have a picture of me and Paul somewhere... It is truly like wandering around a living museum.
Then we went for a drive through the nearby states. I was in one car full of employees, my boss in another car with his family. I am zipping along at 55 mph when I see a sign - "Roundabout ahead." I am asking my passengers (rather frantically) "What's a roundabout?" and no one knew, but we were all about to learn...
A roundabout is definitely something you want to slow down for. Took me an extra lap to get through and we did survive, but that was more excitement than I care for at slightly less than 55 mph...
Same trip, had to follow my boss through downtown, and he nearly lost me at an intersection. I CUT OFF A BOSTON CABBIE to stay with him. Yes. I CUT OFF A CAB IN BOSTON.
I am all that - do not mess with me... lol!

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