Comment: I have always loved Alex

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I have always loved Alex

As I mentioned last night but this interview was bad, especially when Alex did the fake accent, that made him look bad. He just should have been calm and answer the questions. I have friends who think I'm wacky because of the information I tell them already and I told them to watch Alex, my hero.... and then... I hear the feedback, he is crazy. Hmmm not good, as I said, this was a bad interview. I still will watch Alex but he shouldn't be on TV now, after this interview. On the regular news post on huffington and other news outlets the comments are bashing Alex as we would expect but after his performance faking the accent, made him look kooky. Oh well. We as a movement will still continue!!! We need another fighter out there for us. Gotta be somewhere out there! If Alex reads the comments I want him to know this: Beware of the people you hire!!! Especially the CUTE GIRLS IN HIS OFFICE!!!! Get rid of them!!! And don't hire ANY cute or attractive women!!! As many know, they can be used to bring people down in many ways.