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Here is the problem with your way of thought

You can't "punch" every problem in the face. This isn't GI Joe vs Cobra and the game is played at very high levels. The reason RP is so successful even with some on the Left is because he doesn't fly off the handle when given ridiculous proposals to vote on or when mud is thrown at him by the far right Neo-Cons. He takes the facts, historical data, and a firm grasp on Constitutional principles and breaks them down to a common man's level while presenting them with intelligence and compassion.

Stop looking for a fight everywhere you go because not everyone is a party hack, most folk are everyday people who may have never even heard the message of Liberty to even begin to understand it. If you take the time to sit with someone and spread message of Liberty it doesn't need to applied with a baseball bat or a megaphone. Once people truly understand Liberty and how our government is robbing it from us it spreads like wildfire.

There is a reason the phrase is called "wildman screaming in the wilderness" because if that's the only way you know how to communicate (such as Alex) that is where your message will stay and eventually die. Your neighbors next door who voted for Obama are not members of the Bilderberg Group nor do they even know the government purchased thousands of rounds of hallow point ammo and you come at them screaming like a fool "NWO, NWO, THE ELITES, NWO, AHAHSHAHAH!" they are going to turn you off, plain and simple. But if you discuss how we are losing our basic civil rights, how are tax dollars are being wasted, or how our children are not going to have the freedoms that we had you will at least have the opportunity to plant the seeds of Liberty. Sometimes a seed is all it takes...

You want a loud mouthed bully who solves every problem with edgy confrontation then vote for Newt, I'll pass.

Walk softly and carry a large caliber stick.