Comment: We need to be like Eloi-s

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We need to be like Eloi-s

Maybe we should lead a liberty carefree calm relaxed life.We are all a commodity in this world.Your body,soul and your spirit and your tax dollars are wanted. Heck the Morlocks will give you TV,sports shows.Pretty women and men to watch. Pills to calm you.MacDonald's,burger kings at your feet. Is Yvette Mimieux still hot at seventy? Alex Jones just expresses himself the way he is.Not everybody is a slim shady Obama or Morgan in their talking skills.
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.Edmund Burke.If Alex rants or raves.So be it.I have a free thinking mind on what I perceive as truth or not.Right or wrong.Government doesnt like that.

Money talks and dogs bark