Comment: All scripted?! Vintage copyright CNN/NWO... dialectic at work!?

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All scripted?! Vintage copyright CNN/NWO... dialectic at work!?

CNN turned on the vacuum... Alex Jones slid down the tube into dialectic land!

Regardless of whether Jones is, as some have opined, CIA, with his history of undercutting the liberty movement with inane sounding rants mixed with truth, he could have spoken 100% truth all night and CNN would still be filling their library with sound bites for tyranny!

Of course a few people will hear truth and be able to bypass the delivery so well calculated to mask that very truth in idiocy, but in the past that has been but a few compared to the masses who will never hear the full text!

By far the better advocate for truth would have been Ron Paul on this very stage, or even Dr. Woods, either of whom would bring truth with cutting precision. They would effectively deliver the total foot-pounds of liberty firepower to the forefront of the debate, an effective knockout which surrounds the audience with real truth understanding and effective plan of change.

That CNN would never allow!

On the other hand, this tirade moderated by Piers is a clear testimony that we the liberty generation have pushed the NWO back to the ropes!

They now need to revert to the tactics of 'using' the likes of Mr. Jones on their show even if for a dialectical strategy hoping to brainwash the electorate away from their new awakening! It is entirely possible that this strategy will prove a sum negative for the NWO in the end, as the people suffer so much already, with more pain on the way. The people have already begun to question the status quo government on nearly every issue.

Doubt is now in vogue!

That is as bad a sign for tyranny as it can be for liberty! The masses are ripe for picking by either side. It is our duty to take full use from any and all strategies for liberty and the awakening of the people!

Therefore the plus for liberty which we can wrest from this unorthodox Jones diatribe, just might in the end outweigh the negative propaganda squeezed from it by the establishment tyrants!

Ron Paul 2016... Get use to it!