Comment: Break down time?

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Break down time?

"Alex Jones is poison to the Liberty Movement."

Note: One individual is projected by another individual as being a factor in some negative or destructive way.

This is an old story by now, which is a part of our culture that goes by many names including The Cult of Personality. The concept if roughly half true, as if "lone gunman" or a "dictator" is completely alone against the entire rest of the people in contact with the "loner", or the Strong Man is necessary to contain the inherent evil in our species.

Might makes right: a lie that produces exponentially more lies as time goes by, some more powerful than others, depending upon how ready someone is to employ or be victim to the lie.

It is not difficult to figure out why this is done, who benefits from this tactic, and how this tactic works as deception is employed to "divide and conquer" the targets that are targeted with this type of willful lie.

The OP may not even know that the OP is part of the process. The OP may be caught up in "The Cult of Personality".

In fact Alex Jones is part of a tight nit company of people who are working cooperatively to produce information products for sale, and much of their production is given away, which is a modern capitalistic marketing strategy: give away the razor, to sell the razor blades.

Is the information accurate and therefore competitive in a free market, or is the information willfully false and therefore counterproductive and therefore no longer a part of the free market?


“Well, folks, our top story tonight…it turns out that IG Farben, a famous chemical and pharmaceutical octopus that put Hitler over the top in Germany, was instrumental in planning what became the EU, the European Union. In other words, today’s United Europe is World War Two by other means.”

A reader reading my response may be a reader that is among a number of readers that total less than 5 people, or no more than 10 people.

How many people read the accurate information offered by one of the people who are connected into the same productive group as Alex Jones?


If the producer of deception does so willingly, knowingly, and as a premeditated act to accomplish the goal of destroying someone or something produced then what is that called, and furthermore what is that called when the target of the deception is innocent of any wrong doing, and what is that called by people who work to invent, produce, and maintain freedom in liberty?

I think the word is crime if English can convey accurate meaning.

The actual victims are victimized, even if English doesn't work to warn them in time for them to avoid being victims.