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A side note here.

This article on gun rights was also included in the latest U.S. Journal newspaper.

It comes out once a month. It is filled with pretty well investigated articles, mind provoking views, and to me it is a newspaper reporting as it should.

You can subscribe online viewing and/or have a hard copy delivered. I've subscribed to both, although I love the hard copy, its seems to have the "content" like the papers of old. If you ever open today's papers most seem to be missing a quarter of the stories, fillers, etc. I like to leave the hard copy with others who may be interested as well, great tool for conversation.

This months newspaper along with this gun article included titles, "Inflation Is a Tax on the Poor", "The Political Use and Abuse of Children", "Armed School Guards vs True Liberty". "Why Aren't Men at Elementary Schools?" just to name a few in this months newspaper.

Its "A Conservative Newspaper Promoting Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."

It also has published an article written by Ron Paul, "Armed School Guards vs True Liberty".

Have a blessed day.

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