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I'm not really here... lol!

This is sort of my "last internet hurrah!" By summer's end, I will be on the farm. Maybe by the beginning of spring, but that is unlikely. At any rate, what we have been slowly, oh, sooooo sloooooowly working toward is finally coming together. Once I am back on the farm full time, the internet will be going the way of the TV. I might check it out from time to time, but it will not be welcome in my home. It is nosy, it lies to me, and it fear-mongers at me. When I need it, there are several places where I can go access it, but I see no need to have it in my life on a regular basis. Got food to raise.... hopefully people to teach how to raise food, but that is out of my hands.
Pinky promise? Check back in here every 4th of July, as long as Nystrom keeps this site running. A sort of "worn out old lady Patriot's reunion."
Peace and love to you and yours.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.