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Comment: I think AJ

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I think AJ

Did a great job. I am pissed, many many of us are pissed and AJ was pissed in the interview. IF AJ would have bowed to the BS method of interview Piers had intended (not debate as Morgan was trying to infer)then it would have been another series of curiously crafted questions to evoke emotion about a small small small group of statistics that ignore the Bigger Picture on violent crime.

Piers ought to be in jail for illegally SPYING on people's cell phones and performing a circus of LIES that tarnished the lives of good people in the UK media.

Good Job AJ, don't you let up one bit on your anger with this government or the redcoat jackbooter named Piers Morgan.

Maybe Larry O'Donnell will take you up on that fight as he poised to Romney's son. I'd love to see that... Honestly I would.